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Financial Fitness Club Review – Scam Or Legit?

Financial Fitness Club Review

I recently came across a new MLM program called Financial Fitness Club which was started by Brian Barnhouse and Steve Borgman from Wymore, Nebraska, USA. The parent company (their company) is B & B Comunications, Inc.

Review Of Financial Fitness Club

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The Products

Every Dollar Counts
The 60-day “Every Dollar Counts” Financial Fitness Course will TRAIN YOU TO BECOME FINANCIALLY FIT in the next TWO MONTHS. A great product for anyone, not just internet marketers.

You can either order the hardcopy workbook in an A4 folder and a DVD, or you can download the PDF file from the Financial Fitness Club site and log in to watch the videos.

Here’s what you get:

- Every Dollar Counts 60-Day Workbook and supplements – Work through 1 page a day for 60 days…

- DVD with the following lessons for you to watch:

1) “Why Every Dollar Counts”

2) “ALE, and the 5 Cups”

3) “How To Market Offline”

4) “How To Market Online”

5) “Debt & Credit Lesson”

6) “What is EvE & Your EvE Ratio”

30 Days To Freedom Video Training Course
This course is presented by Steve Borgman, CEO and co-founder of B&B Communications, the company behind the Financial Fitness Club. The training course takes you through the process of recruiting and motivating a team over a 30 day period. Every day Steve Borgman gives you a pep-talk about where you should be by now, and what to do if you are not there yet.

The Online Money Flow Video Training Course
This is an additional video training series form Brian Branhouse.

Free Membership To
This product shares the ad-tracking results on 200 free & low cost ad sources such as traffic exchanges, safelists and ppc sites.

Free Lifetime Membership of
If you haven't started tracking your advertising and traffic yet, then AdTrakk will add great value to your membership of the Financial Fitness Club. is one of Brian Barnhouse’s products and the regular subscription price is $19.95 per month, but you get a free lifetime subscription through your Financial Fitness
Club membership.

Financial Fitness Club Pay Plan

I could go into detail here myself on the pay plan, but it's probably best to let co-owner Steve Borgman take care of that in this video below. Let's just say that there is some decent extra money to be made here over time, especially considering the fact that it costs just $50 one time to get started.

financial fitness club matrix 01

financial fitness club matrix 02

Financial Fitness Club Review

Is Financial Fitness Club Worth Joining?

The Pros

- Simple, easy to understand pay plan
- Good training products for newbie marketers
- $50 one time cost
- Honest, reputable owners
- Commissions paid weekly

The Cons

- No monthly residual income (one time pay)

The Verdict

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are no longer promoting this opportunity. To Check Out Our #1 Residual Income Home Business For 2014 Click On The Banner Below:


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